About Us

resource-finance.com is an illustration on founder Garange Gunne investment philosophy that no two financial products are crafted the same – hence diversification is the key to all successful portfolios.

resource-finance.com continuously works on its key core of 8 portfolios for every investor’s needs, with each portfolio holding an array of investment product from private equity, to listed equity, cost-effective ETF, to sovereign bonds. The resource they have is massive and they only seek to tap into the best of each category and bring you the best combination from its resources. Talk about being resourceful, indeed!

resource-finance.com constantly works on its asset holdings, ensuring the optimal portfolios are created. The team consistently keep themselves updated and linked to a spectrum of investment products and opportunities, to simply grow its resource base, just for you.

Garange Gunne is an avid vintage items collector. His collections goes from the usual stamp collection, coke bottle collection, old notes and currencies no longer in circulation, to Gameboy game cartridge collection.

Expand your resources now by reaching out to us. Who knows what you might uncover, and bring your financial status to another level? Email at  admin@resource-finance.com Privacy Policy