importance of early stage critical illness

Critical illness insurance in an essential insurance arrangement that is common in Singapore and most of the insurance companies offer plans to its customers on the same. Well, before we continue, it is good to have a clear understanding of what critical insurance is and what is able to do    

In a simple term, we can say that critical insurance is an insurance that is able to give you a huge payment when you are diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses ion the plan that you selected. The amount given to you in case of any of the illness is huge and able to cater to the needs at that particular moment.    When going for this plan, there is usually two main insurance type that is involved one being standalone plans and add on plans. When we talk of the stand-alone plan, we mean the type of insurance that is usually covered without a life insurance policy that most of the insurance plans come with. On the other hand. when you are going for the add-on plan, you are required to go for life insurance first, and then you are good to go. The life insurance covers more than 30 illnesses of the 37 illnesses listed as critical illnesses in most of the insurance company.    

There are several critical illness insurance companies that come with different plans that suit everyone. Some of those insurance companies can be found on include    

1. Tokio Marine & TM Early Cover    

When you have already claimed an early critical illness, the plan of this insurance makes sure that all the other subsequent claims are waived. The amount assured is above $ 350,000 that allows your policy to be in place even after the first claim.       

2. Aviva MyEarly Critical Illness Cover     

This is one of the cheapest early critical illness plans that are premium in Singapore with the best benefit and reliable. This cover is able to deliver the agreed sum or the assured payment upon diagnosis of the covered illness  Also, something you should note is that Aviva covers 18 special benefits for you for just 255 of the sum assured on you without affecting the amount covered for the critical illness. The benefit is able to cover different illnesses and can be claimed up to 6 times.    

3. Manulife ReadyComplete Plan III    

This is a comprehensive cover that takes care of all stages of critical illness. There are different covers here as well like cover me again that is able to cover up to 9x your assured amount. Apart from that, it also comes with a health benefit for your family as well.    

All of the above insurance covers for the early critical illness are unique and suits the different people in the society. It may be not easy to choose the right insurance seems fit for you, but with the right information at your fingertips, it becomes much easier to do. Therefore, with all the information we have provided for you about some of the best insurance plans, you are able to select easily the one that interests you